Application of protection against stone chipping

Solid foundation

Today's automobiles last much longer than ever before. In spite of high levels of stress from chemical and mechanical influences, life cycles have permanently increased. Our world-class coating products help to protect vulnerable body components against damage. In addition to excellence in application performance, EFTEC product technology is designed to protect the environment wherever possible.

Use and products

Cavity waxing against rust corrosion

Body protective coatings from EFTEC help to protect exposed areas such as underbody, wheel arches and rocker panels against stone chip, moisture and salt attack. Besides this, these coating products help prevention of damage to tanks, engines, engine compartments and fittings. As temporary paint protection they serve to prevent transportation damage. Our coating products are primarily based on plastisols and polyurethanes, but we also use acrylate and wax technology. All quality products from EFTEC are state-of-the-art. Here at EFTEC we strive to go beyond state-of-the-art and continue to invest further in quality management as well as in our development centers. By providing innovative, high quality solutions for automotive protection, EFTEC's technology systems are designed to create economic success for our customers.

Mixer for underbody coating and sealers


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