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Investment of more than 300 million Swiss Francs at the Domat/Ems production site - Groundbreaking for a new high-rack warehouse initiates this significant expansion phase

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher can announce good news: In the next five years, EMS will invest 300 million Swiss Francs in the production site at Domat/Ems (Canton Grisons, Switzerland), and in doing so, will create at least 50 additional work places. Important contracts will be awarded in the region. The first step, the ground-breaking ceremony for a new high-rack warehouse, went ahead in the presence of Member of the Grisons Government, Marcus Caduff and Mayor of Domat/Ems Erich Kohler.


«With the new high-rack warehouse we will achieve rapid expansion of our distribution and storage capacity before the end of this year and continue to supply markets worldwide quickly and flexibly. The project signals the start of considerable expansion investment over the next five years at the Domat/Ems production site. We are planning to invest more than 300 million Swiss Francs and increase our capacity by 70%, 95% of which for export. Linked to this investment are contracts in the region to the amount of around 120 million Swiss Francs and around 200 work places», explained Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, CEO of EMS-CHEMIE, at the ceremony. An additional 60 million Swiss Francs will be invested at other locations in Switzerland. At EMS, around 50 new work places will be linked to the investment. 17.5 million Swiss Francs are being invested now in the new high-rack warehouse. Two thirds of this in the form of contracts awarded to companies in the region.

The dimensions of the new high-rack are also impressive. With a height of 44 metres it will be the highest warehouse in Switzerland, as was the existing warehouse before it. In this way, the EMS-CHEMIE high-rack warehouses are among the top 5 in Europe. When completed, the warehouse will provide jobs for 13 additional logistics employees and training for 15 apprentices.

Erich Kohler, Mayor of Domat/Ems, expressed his pleasure at this future-oriented decision and emphasised the significance of EMS-CHEMIE as one of the largest employers and largest apprentice training company in the canton, as well as a major tax-payer in the municipality. EMS and its innovative, worldwide activities make him very proud. EMS has invested continually in the site over the last 85 years with major contracts being awarded to local businesses. This visionary capacity expansion will safeguard workplaces and enable the town to continue its positive development.

Member of the Grisons Government, Marcus Caduff, welcomed the courageous trendsetting decision by EMS in a challenging environment. EMS not only offers 1000 workplaces, but also plays an important role in apprentice training for its own 140 apprentices, and more than 100 from other companies in the region. In addition, EMS has a strong social commitment. «The planned and now initiated investment is an important multiplying factor for jobs and added-value in the whole region», continued Minister for Economic Affairs Caduff. This investment in the production site at Ems is the best evidence of the attraction of the Grisons as an industrial location. He expressed his thanks to EMS on behalf of the cantonal government.