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EMS-EFTEC at a glance

Leading expert for the automotive industry with engineered materials and application systems for bonding, coating, sealing and damping

We are a company which is fully dedicated to the international transportation industry. We have been a member of the worldwide active EMS Group since 1985. Under the name EFTEC, we are the leading international supplier for adhesives, sealants, coatings and application equipment for the automotive industry. Custom-designed products, high-quality and excellent service have helped us develop this market position. Our claim to be an innovative expert to the automotive industry requires a constant search for new and innovative ideas and their implementation. This applies from the formulation, functioning and application of our products, their environmental compatibility during manufacturing and use right up to their recycling.

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Our headquarters are located at Romanshorn in Eastern Switzerland. In order to serve customers flexibly, we have production facilities in Switzerland, UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, China and India. Our presence in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Ecuador, Iran, South Africa, Italy, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina and Turkey is based on partnerships with leading companies in our field who operate in these territories or with own sales offices.

Outlook for the future

The automotive industry, like most others, is susceptible to economic cycles, but the long-term worldwide trend is one of growth. The EMS-EFTEC mission is to provide consistently high-value products and services on a global basis and we are continuously extending our worldwide presence, in particular in the emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Permanent progress in vehicle design calls for creative, intelligent and economical solutions. We at EMS-EFTEC are committed to the development of new technologies, materials and processes in close cooperation with our customers in order to successfully meet future challenges.

Added value for the customer

Making reliable and durable vehicles has always been a primary aim of the automotive industry. One major way of achieving this goal is to prevent corrosion. EMS-EFTEC has developed products and processes for the Automotive Industry, which further prolong a vehicle’s life. With manufacturing sites in all important regions of the car manufacturers, EMS-EFTEC offers local service, just-in-time deliveries and best price/performance ratio.

EFTEC’s system-competence in the automotive industry

We at EMS-EFTEC see ourselves as a close partner to our customers. This intensive collaboration focuses not just on the product, but also on development of the corresponding application equipment. EMS-EFTEC offers material, application equipment and service in the areas of bonding, coating, sealing and damping. This calls for a detailed knowledge of vehicle construction. Every product must fit into a complex, largely automated production process at the car manufacturers. Our entire application and process technology is directed towards making automotive manufacture even more efficient, generating improved margins for our customers and higher quality products for the end user.

It is evident that the products we provide must meet the very highest standards of reliability and troublefree application. The fact that we meet these standards is demonstrated by the awards we have received from a large number of car makers for first-class quality and flawless service.

As an international company, we know the needs of the manufacturers of passenger cars, buses and trucks. We contribute to the success of our sophisticated customers with innovative products. EMS-EFTEC’s products are supplied in the form of pastes and liquids of various viscosity. Packaging sizes for vehicle manufacturers vary from bulk road tankers, containers and drums.

Where our customers use EMS-EFTEC products


EMS-EFTEC supplies automotive manufacturers with adhesives for use in every stage of production, from body shop to final assembly.

One important example is the bonding of fixed windows. EMS-EFTEC bonding systems based on polyurethane, enable assembly to be automated, lend added strength to the body and help to reduce aerodynamic drag.


Car manufacturers use EMS-EFTEC coatings to protect against chip damage in vulnerable areas such as the underbody. These mastic compounds are extremely resilient to both mechanical and chemical attack.

Metal surfaces inside cavities in the bodywork are protected from corrosion by the use of waxes.


The seams encountered in the complex structure of a motor vehicle must be permanently sealed against the intrusion of moisture, dirt and noise. The sealant must also provide corrosion protection for the metals being joined. In this sector it is essential that the products supplied are of consistent high quality, thus enabling them to be applied fully automatically and hence cost-effectively.


With their automatic application system, pumpable sound deadening materials developed by EMS- EFTEC provide a cost-efficient solution to improve car interior comfort.