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Adhesives are used more and more in the international automotive industry. This modern technology offers a number of advantages in comparison to conventional, mechanical bonding techniques, especially for multiple substrate part constructions. Use of adhesives for bonding allows a high level of automation during the manufacturing process. Adhesives provide optimum body strength and simultaneous weight reduction. Various materials such as sheet steel, plastics, glass or aluminum can be combined simply and safely, especially for light-weight part constructions.

Use and products

Adhesives bond windshields, headlights and taillights safely and provide strength to the vehicle body. In stamping plant applications, adhesives offer optimum stability and sealing. In vehicle interiors, adhesives bond headliners, door panels, instrument panels, seating components and more. The wide variety of product technologies include state-of-the-art polyurethane, elastomers, acrylates, epoxy and plastisols.

In addition to our excellent products, you can trust our experience as an integrated system supplier. From planning the installation of special application systems to project consultation, EFTEC is the internationally acknowledged partner of today's and tomorrow's automotive industry.