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State-of-the-art technology

Conventional joining methods such as welding, soldering and other mechanical fastening systems are being increasingly replaced by more productive and cost effictive methods of adhesive-bonding. With automated application using robots, an optimum an economy can be achieved at all times. This applies both for the automatic application of adhesives and sealants as well as coatings. This is even more important as increasingly thin steel sheeting is used for automotive construction and both sealing and damping demands high-tech engineering.


System supplier with wide experience

EFTEC Engineering is specialised in application equipment and methods for the protection of cavities as well as sealing and damping of car bodies. As every car body has a different design, the application equipment of EFTEC Engineering offers a customized solution in each case.  The combination of material and application know-how qualifies EFTEC Engineering as preferred system supplier to the international automotive industry.

Cavity waxing

EFTEC Engineering is the leading manufacturer worldwide of application technology for cavity waxing. 
Mobile, semi and fully automated application by robots or wax machines - we guarantee that we have the suitable application technology for your individual application requirements.

Product information

  • Wax machines
  • Robot solutions
  • Semi-automatic systems
  • Component waxing
  • Mobile waxing systems


EFTEC Engineering also sets new high standards with regard to underbody coating and sealing, rocker panel (stone chip) or other sealing applications such as automatic hem flange applications, mainly using own patented products or processes.

From the development of our own innovative products in research and development  up to the start of serial production; from engineering to the installation of complete application lines – EFTEC Engineering provides everything from one supplier.

Product information

  • Rocker panel application (stone chip)
  • Roof ditch application
  • Vacuum forming
  • Underbody coating, underbody sealing
  • Interior and exterior sealing
  • Automatic hem flange sealing

Sprayable sound damping (LASD, SAM, NVH)

Previously, mainly bitumen pads were used for minimisation of sound and vibrations within the car body. With the development of sprayable sound damping materials and the appropriate application technology however, it is now possible to apply sound damping materials at places previously unreachable using robots. This opens up completely new possibilities for acoustic engineers.

EFTEC Engineering has also developed sophisticated technology and processes in this new field of application technology which are now used in serial production.

  • LASD: Liquid applied sound damping
  • SAM: Sprayable acoustic masses
  • NVH: Noise vibration harshness

Product information

  • Robotic application

Global Market Presence

EFTEC Engineering guarantees its customers global presence with local sales and service points. Following the demands of our customers and our own continuous growth we permanently extend our world wide sales and service network.

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