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Mission Statement

EFTEC aims to be the leading expert for the transportation industry with bonding, coating, sealing and damping systems.








What we would like the customers to recognize is:

1. Operating on a global basis.

  • That we have global capabilities.
  • That we provide local services.
  • That we offer internationally approved products.
  • That we are prepared for their future needs.

2. Strongly committed to our customers.

  • That we are fully focused on the transportation industry.
  • That we provide the best service and advice in the industry.
  • That we have set-up our organization in harmony with their needs.
  • That we are an integral part of their organization.
  • That we act in a rapid, uncomplicated and intelligent way.
  • That we have extensive knowledge of the international transportation industry.

3. Highly competent in our field.

  • That we have a complete and advanced product range, including application know-how.
  • That we provide innovative products and systems.
  • That we have specialized production units guaranteeing highest levels of product quality and delivery.
  • That we are an environmentally-friendly company.

4. Providing value added to our customers.

  • That we invest to create value added for them.
  • That we share our world-wide experience with them.
  • That we have initiative and are stimulating.
  • That we are very cost efficient.
  • That we reduce their system costs.
  • That we offer a fair price/performance ratio.

5. A division of the Swiss based EMS Group.

  • That we are a financially sound partner.
  • That we are a reliable partner.
  • That we have a stable corporate environment.