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Acoustic Comfort

Requirements for comfort in the car interior are constantly increasing. Among other measures, damping of body borne noise is essential to achieve a high level of acoustic comfort. Sprayable high performance materials from EFTEC are applied fully automatically to the car body to avoid vibration of the metal sheets. Our materials, fully adapted to customers' needs in terms of damping characteristics, thickness and application areas in the car body, guarantee excellent efficiency and thus optimized costs.

Areas of application

EFTEC's damping materials are applied inside the car body. All areas subject to vibration e.g. firewall, floor panels, trunk compartment panels, wheel arches, roof, doors and hatches are treated.

Automatic robotic application and special nozzles enable application to numerous geometries for optimum efficency in usage of material.

EFTEC offers different technology as solution to sound damping in automotive manufacturing. Depending on use in the body shop or paint shop and according to the reqirements of our customers, we provide the corresponding product technology based on plastisols, rubber-based materials and water-based dispersions. Our solution for sound damping range from material to application equipment and services making EFTEC your ideal partner for sound damping, either for individual areas or for an overall system solution.