EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016

EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016.

EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016

EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016.


EMS-GRILTECH presents the latest developments and products at the Techtextil North America (Booth 3141) and JEC Americas (Booth 3832) in Atlanta, GA, USA.

EMS-GRILTECH – Worldwide Represented

EMS-GRILTECH is a Business Unit of EMS-CHEMIE AG, which belongs to the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG. EMS-GRILTECH is represented worldwide by its own sales companies and local agents. The headquarter including research and development is located in Domat/Ems (Switzerland). We have most modern production locations, application development centers and customer service laboratories in Switzerland, Germany, USA, China, Taiwan and Japan.

EMS-GRILTECH, creative – prompt – reliable

Our customers rely on our extensive research and development experience, efficient expert advice and consistent product quality. They benefit from our modern application laboratories and testing equipment where new products and applications are continuously developed.

EMS-GRILTECH presents with its Grilon fibers and yarns customized solutions for the bonding of technical textiles.

Nexylon PA66 staple fibers offer improved durability and lifetime of textile yarns and industrial nonwovens.

Griltex Copolyester and Copolyamide adhesives are used for coating and laminating technical fabrics, fleeces, clothing textiles and non-textile substrates.

Reinforced Technical Textiles

Grilon melt bonding yarns, bicomponent fibers and Griltex adhesives are key components in the reinforcement of technical textile constructions.

Soft and Silky Textiles

Grilon M 371 is a permanent siliconized polyamide fiber with an extraordinary soft and silky touch which withstands even intensive washing and dry cleaning. It can be blended with natural or synthetic fibers to enhance both durability and softness. Another possibility for use is the substitution of costly fibers such as cashmere or silk yet still maintaining excellent hand quality.

Work Wear and Protective Apparel

Nexylon HT polyamide fiber is used because of its high tenacity for a better process / performance of spun yarns and improved durability of mixed cotton fabrics (NYCO or Nylon/Cotton blends).

Nexylon FR is the world's unique flame-retardant polyamide fiber in the market. Using this fiber the durability of flame-resistant protective wear can be significantly increased. Wearing comfort is also much higher with its soft touch. Other applications in technical textiles are possible that require inherent flame resistance.

Bonding of Smooth Surfaces

Griltex Copolyester adhesives are used to bond smooth surfaces such as PET and aluminum. The flexibility engineered into these adhesives compensates for load changes due to expansion and straining of the substrates. Main applications are building and construction, medical, food or technical packaging, electro and electronics industry as well as other demanding technical applications.

Griltex and Grilon for Lightweight Construction and Composites

Our products are used as production aids and as pure matrix components. For the fixation of multiaxial fabrics in the composite production we offer special Grilon fibers and yarns, which are mainly used in the resin-transfer-molding process. Griltex adhesives are used for strengthening of unidirectional tapes and stabilization of fabrics and knitwear, thereby improving the mechanical strength of the composite components. Rigidity, heat resistance and transparency are the benefits in utilizing Griltex polyamides for the production of organo sheets. They gain importance in sports and leisure, medical applications as well as in the automotive industry.

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Techtextil North America (Booth 3141) and JEC Americas (Booth 3832) Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016