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A detailed knowledge of vehicle construction is prerequisite for the development of specific solutions regarding bonding, coating, sealing and damping. Every product must fit into a complex, largely automated production process at the customer's location, the car plant.

Our entire application and process technology is directed towards making automotive manufacture even more efficient, generating improved margins for our customers and higher quality products for the end user. It is evident that the products meet the very highest standards of reliability and trouble free application.

EMS-EFTEC products



Flexible single and two-component polyurethane systems used as direct glazing for car windows. According to the requirements there are different systems available: with or without paint primer, high positioning tack, high shear modulus for car body stiffening.

Corrosion protection waxes for all applications in the automotive industry such as underbody, cavity, engine compartment etc. Special paint protection waxes, water- or solvent based, for temporary protection of the painted cars against environmental influences.


Heat Cure PUR

One part elastomeric sealing adhesive used in the body shop. These wash-off resistant products have excellent adhesion to various substrates.

Elastic adhesive / sealant for flexible joints, coatings and structural bonding of painted panels and plastics; ideal for low bake conditions.

PVC & Acrylate

Waterbased Dispersions

A wide range of Plastisols which are individually formulated for each customer and which meet the requirements regarding quality and manufacturing. Main applications are stone-chip-protection, sealants and sound damping.

Acoustical effective coatings for the application in paint shop to reduce structural-borne noise. Efficient application with fully automized spray application.


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