Definitive half-year report 2007 of the EMS Group

Definitive half-year report 2007 of the EMS Group


On July 13, 2007 the EMS Group published its provisional half-year report 2007. The definitive consolidated half-year report is now on hand. It is based on the individual financial statements of the affiliated companies as at June 30, 2007. The definitive half-year report contains no significant deviations from the provisional report.

As already stated on July 13, 2007 consolidated net sales revenue rose by 10.9% to CHF 783 million (706), an 8.9% increase in local currencies. Net operating income (EBIT) was boosted by 11.1% over the previous year to CHF 134 million (120), EBITDA by 10.4% to CHF 162 million (146).

Net financial income amounted to a high CHF 36 million (37), a result that can be attributed to the successful sale of LONZA investments.

Net income for the first half-year of 2007 was CHF 133 million (123) and cash flow totalled CHF 162 million (149).

Equity increased to CHF 1'196 million (31.12.2006: CHF 1'103 million). The equity ratio is 49.3% (31.12.2006: 47.4%).